Hook links vs indexing files in Devonthink

Currently, I index my video files in DevonThink. They are on my external drive and I like that the folder structure is maintained in case I need to access them remotely without going through DevonThink. The issue is that the index links break if the file is moved.

I was wondering if I can add hook links (they are robust) instead of the file index. Any thoughts or feedback on my proposed approach will be welcome.

There are a number of other subtle “gotcha” situations where you can be surprised- and burned - when using indexing in DT3.

I love DT3 and use it immensely in my daily workflow. But I much prefer using Hook or other URL Scheme options to indexing.

I find indexing to be very helpful in DT3 to get information into the database, i.e. it works well to monitor a Dropbox folder in combination with a smart rule which then imports new files into DT3. But I think that indexing as a long-term means of referencing files is undesirable in DT3.

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Hook can be configured to use hook://file/ links in DEVONthink, via Script Editor. Ideally what we’d want is the option to use hook://file/ URLs in DEVONthink > indexed, and devonthink URLs for stuff in the database.

Hook’s previous scripts return .hook URLs: Historical Information about Customizing Hook for Usage with DEVONthink – Hook. Those could be used as reference. If you want Hook always to use hook://file/ URLs in DEVONthink, then you could use them — caveat we haven’t visited them in a while.

general tips: https://hookproductivity.com/help/integration/creating-integration-scripts/

Someone on the forum with DEVONthink scripting experience might want to take a stab at creating a script that uses hook://file/ URLs only for indexed folders, and DEVONthink native URLs otherwise. (Current scripts use native URLs only).

In the future, we’d like to make it possible for users to select alternative integrations directly within Hook’s Script Editor

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I tried pasting hook link as a bookmark. One disadvantage is that DT does not show thumbnails of the video and I need to double-click to play the mp4 file. Not a deal breaker though

Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 12.13.33 PM

Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 12.13.56 PM