Hook link not robust?

Had a text file named “NACOB 2022.rtf” with no text in it with several items Hooked (see image). It was serving as a stand-in for a tag until that feature is released (see post). Then, when I entered the text “Quicklook testing” and saved the file, all of the links from that file were gone (see image). I can still see some different “version” of the file with the links, but all of the links are gone from the file itself when I use the keyboard shortcut to bring up the Hook window. Is this a feature or a bug? If it’s a feature, what am I supposed to do here? Thanks.

Sometimes one (an app) will create a new file behind the scenes without one realizing the app has done so. So you’ll be working on a file and think it’s the same file, but it’s actually a new one.

When you move a TaskPaper file while editing it, TaskPaper actually creates a new file. That seems to break hook links. However, strictly speaking, it’s not that the hook links are not robust, it’s that one side of them point to a different file.

In that case the solution is to find the original file using Hook’s search (⌘F) using some of the original file’s name as search parameter. You’ll likely see that the file is listed in red, and that Hook says the file can’t be reached. Click on the link’s sandwich menu, select Copy All Links, then go to the new file and Hook to Copied Links. And you’ll be back to where you started.

Fortunately, very few apps play this trick, and we very rarely get reports about it happening.