Hook Integration with Trickster Icons

The Hook/Trickster integration https://hookproductivity.com/blog/2020/04/trickster-hook-new-information-retrieval-automation-applescript/ sounds very interesting- but it does not appear for me on Big Sur 11.1 with Trickster 3.5, and Hook 2 .2. Does it still work?

Ditto. Just tried it to make sure and it’s not working here either.

Me neither - but I doubted my competence until you said that.

Hi, Trickster developer here.

I’m sorry about this problem. I didn’t know (or forgot) that the old AppleScript that Hook used in versions 1.x was removed in 2.2. I discovered this problem myself a couple of days ago, fixed to use the new APIs and built a beta version that you can download here until it’s released proper. The beta will work as a release version for those who have our license but will work in trial mode if you the Setapp version. If you have the Mac App Store version, it might work.
This release also fixes filtering for the “Hook” tag that Hook automatically adds to files, if you create this kind of filter.
Perhaps I need to add the Hook icon to the list of possible filter icons.


Thank you for being so responsive @jacob. A fortunate byproduct of this thread is my rediscovering Trickster. (I bought it long ago and now I’ve rediscovered it.)

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The new version of Trickster, with these fixes, and many more, is now released. Update your copies or download from https://www.apparentsoft.com/trickster/download.