Hook integration with Forklift

If you could take a look on a way for Hook to work with Forklift, that would be awesome.

Hook is currently working with ForkLift, but only for English version. Which language do you use?

Thank you!

Hi! I use it in English.

What’s the version of your ForkLift ? Is it from App Store or from Setapp?

Also Hook version and macOS version, please.

Could you please also send us some screenshots for this problem?

Thank you

I found out it does work with network volumes. It just doesn’t work with Google Drive in Forklift, which I understand, must be something very different from a regular volume and might not be linkable.

It’s Forklift version: 3.5.7 (219) - single user license bought directly from the developers (not Setup or App Store).
Hook Version 3.7.1 (4869; Integration v. 227)
macOS Version 12.6 (21G115)

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