Hook integration with BibDesk

For those who choose/need to work in LaTeX, BibDesk is a great reference manager for macOS. (https://bibdesk.sourceforge.io) In fact, BibDesk is bundled with the full install of a LaTeX environment on macOS, so nearly everyone using LaTeX on macOS has a copy of BibDesk, too.

I’m new to Hook (just downloaded it today) and am really excited to apply Hook to my research. Unfortunately, it appears there is no BibDesk-Hook integration at this time. Would it be possible to integrate BibDesk and Hook? It would be great to add a Hook link to specific entries in a BibDesk database. I understand BibDesk has excellent AppleScript support, which makes me think this integration could be possible. Hook-BibDesk-(and hopefully soon Obsidian) integration would be a game-changer for me.

Is this integration something that the Hook team would do? Is it something that I need to attempt on my own with AppleScript?

I’m looking for advice on how to proceed.



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Following up here, I have been contact with the BibDesk developer, and we already have a draft script in testing. So stay tuned.


Fantastic! My biggest regret from my grad school days was not having picked up LaTeX and BibTex. I was in a COGS programme, but in a Computer Science programme, so it would have been natural…

Any updates on this? I can link to the file using hook, but I’d like to link to an actual entry of the database.