Hook integration v. 207 is now available: Notenik & Trello supported; updated Bear, BusyCal and Zotero integrations

Hook integration v. 207 is now available. Recent improvements:

  1. Notenik note-taking app is now supported — with automation (not just UI scripting. This is a free note-taking app for macOS based on text files, which plays well with other apps, supports markdown, and has fields. Notenik Notenik 9.0.1 required. For robust notenik:// links, please enable Notenik’s datestamp preference. You can do Hook to New > Notenik. Please see Hooked on Notenik for more information.
  2. We’ve also updated Bear writer app & BusyCal app to work in any language. Bear and BusyCall both require UI scripting, for lack of hyperlink automation. Our updates involve a new framework that we will also apply to integrations with other UI-scripted apps.
  3. Added support for Atlassian’s Trello app. Through UI scripting users can obtain the address of the current board, and hook it. Hook to New not available due to lack of automation in Trello.
  4. fixed "No linkable item found in Zotero beta.

To understand difference between UI scripting and proper automation, see What’s a Linkable App and Why Does Linkability Matter? – Hook. Always good to encourage third-party app developers to support proper linking automation.

2022-04-01 10:02: Updated: added Trello and Zotero information, and other info.