Hook integration scripts v.146 now available — Spark by Readdle and Mailplane

Version 146 of Hook’s app-integration scripts is now available with the following support.

The following is is already packaged in Hook 2.2:

We have added support for a couple of additional email clients. However, we cannot recommend these apps because the email IDs or URLs they expose are not compliant with RFC 5322 - Internet Message Format. This is the same problem that the Outlook app has. If the email’s ID is not RFC compliant, it cannot be shared with others and is not guaranteed to work on different Macs - even of the same user.

We recommend using email software from which you can copy RFC 5322 - Internet Message Format compliant IDs. Please see What Mac Apps Work with Hook? – Hook.

See also Contacting Developers of Other Apps and Information for Developers – Hook.