Hook integration scripts v. 133 is now available with support for TheBrain (in English), and a DEVONthink update

Version 133 of Hook integration’s scripts is now available.

We’ve added a first round of support for TheBrain app. TheBrain app lacks AppleScript automation, but it has it good UI support for copying URLs and titles. So our integration relies on UI scripting. At the moment support is only in English at the moment (since it relies on the UI); but the scripts can be translated. Comments welcome. Then we can add support other languages.

We previously updated the scripts for DEVONthink. It’s Hook to New now defaults to RTF. (compare Devonthink - Hook to New…RTF? - Hook Feature Requests - Hook Productivity Forum).

If you prefer the old way, you can set the new item script line 2 back to:

`set newItem to create record with {name:"$title",  type:txt}`

that’s discussed in the previously linked topic on the forum.

How to get the updated integration

Hook’s automatic software update (if enabled) automatically updates Hook’s integration scripts without you needing to relaunch Hook. Using Hook’s Check for App Updates and Update Scripts command also updates the scripts, without you needing to relaunch Hook.

We also bundle Hook’s integration scripts with the Hook installer itself, of course. But Hook’s app updates are less frequent that integration script updates.