Hook integration scripts v 108: Adds partial support for Slack, and updates support for Firefox

Version 108 of Hook integration scripts is now available.

Slack support introduced

It introduces partial support for Slack.

The Copy Link command in Hook gets the name and address of the Slack channel or DM. However, it does not provide the address of individual messages.

Firefox updated

Version 107 of Hook integration scripts, released earlier today, tweaks the Firefox script, removing the "Mozilla Firefox " suffix that Mozilla added to Firefox 73.0 (64-bit).


Hook customer support/ forum response this week-end may be a bit slow (at least from me).

Copying links from Slack

If you want to Copy Link of individual Slack messages, just copy the link directly from Slack using its UI.

Or access Slack via the web.

Pasting links in Slack

Slack’s implementation of paste, compared to , say Messages, is a bit capricious. If you use Copy Link from an app and paste in Slack, Slack will latch onto the name of the link rather than its URL (address) which is probably not what you want. You can get around this by using Copy Markdown Link on the source, and pasting it into Slack.