Hook integration for the TaskFlow app?!

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I’d recently come across a fine task manager app named TaskFlow, which, if it can get integrated with Hook, would be a fabulous app!
I’ve avoided purchasing this app so far, and I think Things and Omnifocus are a tad bit too expensive - without the perks of the Taskflow app (Share tasks with family! - this is on the roadmap, Kanban board, more pleasing, intuitive and responsive UI), with their saving grace being that they are hookable!

Nowadays - its Hook that seems to make me consider purchasing a certain app.

What can be done to make it hookable, if it isn’t already possible (I don’t think they have exposed any x-urls, or scriptable elements, but do you have some sort of UI automation methods?) to do so?


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Thank you for contacting us!

I just check TaskFlow and it seems that there is no way for Hookmark to get the task url.

We will contact the developer. In the mean time, you can also contact the developer. We have an email template here:

Thank you

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You might also want to consider TaskPaper. I use both OmniFocus and TaskPaper, personally. It’s on Setapp. It is link friendly.

for any project, you can do Hook to New > TaskPaper. There is documentation on our website for using Hookmark with TaskPaper.

Will try out Taskpaper, thanks for the suggestion!