Hook Installation Loop Issue

I have looked for a similar issue but every time I try to eject the Installation mount it loops back around the installation cycle. I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling. It’s driving me mad. Has anyone had the same issue?

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @donnellm. and sorry you’ve run into this.

This gets triggered when users run Hook from the installation .dmg file, rather than from the hard disk. It then gets registered with macOS launch demon. It’s related to Hook being a background app and the preference to launch Hook at startup. So even though you may run Hook from a different location, macOS remembers the disk image location of the app and tries to run that instance, which requires opening the disk image. That is a pain for users.

In a nutshell the solution is to either delete the Hook installation DMG. if you want to keep a local copy, you may compress it first (or put it in a disk image or something).

Hook will soon warn users about this issue and offer to move itself into that folder. That will avoid the issue. Also, we will likely provide an option for Hook to run in foreground, which will make onboarding easier and avoid this issue.

Many thanks, I appreciate the quick response.

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