Hook forum outage, and other means of communication

We regret that there was a long outage of the Hook productivity forum. I noticed it in the early hours of Wednesday morning; it ended a couple of hours ago (all times Pacific).

We tweeted the outage later Wed morning and also added a status message on Hook Productivity. That will be our protocol going forward, except we will strive to report outages more promptly.

Please feel free to take to twitter (@HookProductvT) or email hook@cogsciapps.com if you would like to discuss Hook while the forums are down (or for other reasons).

Under the hood of this forum

This forum uses Discourse, “the 100% open source discussion platform built for the next decade of the Internet”. The outage, however, had nothing to do with Discourse.

Our Discourse forum instance runs on DreamHost’s relatively new Dreamcompute service, which experienced the outage. We have been very happy with DreamHost over the years (having used their other services). We are confident that uptime and quality will be good.

Thank you for your patience.