Hook Finder Tags for Bookmarks?

The Preferences feature “Apply Hook Finder tag to files when linking them” is helpful when hooking multiple files together.

Would it be possible to also add a finder tag when a Bookmark is created for a file, even if the bookmark is not linked to another file?


Perhaps as an advanced option (the General preference tab is getting a bit crowded). I very strongly suspect people normally want to know whether it is worth invoking Hook on the item, i.e., whether it has hooks. (We could include this in our user surveys.) That’s my personal preference.

One of our outstanding issues is to do maintenance on the tag, i.e., to remove the tag when Hook is invoked on an item that does not have a bookmark. And there could be a clean up maintenance script. An issue with Finder tags is that when you duplicate a file, the tag is carried over, which leads to false-positives.

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I think that would be fine wherever the option is located.