Hook File - reported file size

Hi All,

I do apologise if this is a FAQ or is answered already in this forum or the wider site, but I have had a search in both and didn’t uncover any clues…

When I make a hook file, my system (MacOS 10.15.6 Catalina) reports the file size always as 465KB, despite the files themselves appearing to be a single line of text. Is the file size somehow misreported, or do these files indeed contain a lot more information than appears obvious. If its the latter, I guess I’m keen to understand what that information is. Regards Dave

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @dmcr77.

An icon is set for each file, which shouldn’t be there, since Hook is registered
with macOS. That is fixed in the next release.

The info Hook needs for .hook files to work is in the text portion of the file.

thanks for the explanation. Regards Dave

I have also noticed the rather large file-size for .hook files. Nearly half a MB. That’s a big file and it adds up. I’m running v 1.8.