Hook file link does not work between computers


I have a pdf stored on pCloud. I created a hook link which works fine from the computer the link was generated. It does not work on a different machine that has the same iCloud and Hook app installed with iCloud sync enabled.

Any way to fix this?

Did you mean iCloud?

Also, could you please share the Copy Markdown Link result here (or as a PM to support) of

  1. the link or hook that works on functional side
  2. taken from the mac that is having issues.

The two computers are logged into the same iCloud account and both have the Hook app installed. The sync in the Hook app is set to iCloud.

The file in question is located on pCloud (not iCloud).

Here are the two links, one made from Hook app on Mac A and second from Mac B. They only open on the respective machines and not on the other.



Please let me know if you need further information.

Thank you for that. Could you please use Copy Markdown Link instead of just Copy Link and then paste the result? That will allow us to see how the name lines up with the URL.

Also, just to be sure, please copy the name of each file directly from Finder. (in a way that we know what name goes which what Copy Markdown Link result.)

Here goes:

[Memo Change in Terms for Don (54027-002) Green Farmland Demo_complete.pdf] (hook://file/CyERpL1nZ?p=cENsb3VkIERyaXZlL015IEZpbGVz&n=Memo%20Change%20in%20Terms%20for%20Don%20%2854027%2D002%29%20Green%20Farmland%20Demo%5Fcomplete%2Epdf)

[Memo Change in Terms for Don (54027-002) Green Farmland Demo_complete.pdf] (hook://file/CtV5LPwiH?p=cENsb3VkIERyaXZlL015IEZpbGVz&n=Memo%20Change%20in%20Terms%20for%20Don%20%2854027%2D002%29%20Green%20Farmland%20Demo%5Fcomplete%2Epdf)

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Thank you for the file names.

Could you please also paste the Markdown links here for each of the files?

Sorry, they were hyperlinked. I added a space to make them appear separately. Let me know if this suffices.

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Thank you for the links! I tested pcloud on my machines and the links seem to be working fine.

May I ask is your pcloud drive on network drive? If yes, could you please
(1)quit Hook,
(2)Run the following command on Terminal
defaults write com.cogsciapps.hook hfile.url.search.scope network
(3)Start Hook
And see if it make any differences. It might take a bit longer to open the file.

to elaborate on @bchend’s answer, cf Advanced, Command-line Preferences – Hook