Hook every Action to its Project in Omnifocus 3

Hello everyone. I’d like to automatically hook every Action to its parent Project in Omnifocus 3, using Omni Automation or Hazel+AppleScript. Do you know how could I do that?

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I’d recommend applying a tag ‘hooked’ to the actions so they can be ignored on a second run. So the first step is to select all actions in OF without that tag. There’s probably a script out there to do that.

Finding an actions parent project should also be a solved problem somewhere.

The last piece is to drive Hook from the script to get the hook link to the project and append it to the notes field of the action.

There seems to be more documentation on scripting OF via JavaScript than AppleScript so it might be best to try and do it that way.

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I created a Fish :blowfish: tag for OmniFocus. That way I can see if an entry has a Hook in it.

Do you apply it manually or did you come up with an automation?

It’s pretty simple really, I use TextExpander to get the Emoji. Then Keyboard Maestro inserts a Tag for Hooked items. I needed a visual way to see what entries had imbedded Hooks. And the fish emoji seemed perfect. :blowfish:

Can you share your Keyboard Maestro script to do this?