Hook doesn't work with VSCode

When I use ^H to invoke hook in VSCode, then it will say

No linkable item found in Code.

OS: Monterey 12.4
Hook: 3.7.1(4869) (Scripts version 227)
VSCode: 1.70.2 (Universal)

I find there is no default script in Hook

That’s because it works out of the box with Hook’s default integration system. At least it did per Visual Code Studio - #2 by Noaal .

Did you update recently? Has anyone else had issues with VS Code?

After I reboot my Mac, it works… May be some user-friendly hints. For example, when user first use hook in vscode, after get permission, tell users it may work after reboot.

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Thanks for the update. If users see No linkable item found in <App> then the status bar reads:

No linkable item found in Mail. Learn more. :mag_right: Search Hook’s bookmarks instead?

That web page includes rebooting as one of the steps, after 1. tccutil reset Accessibility com.cogsciapps.hook

Taking advantage of this discussion to complain that Hook tries to hijack Cntl-H, one of the most useful keystrokes in bash, terminal apps, vim, etc. (see link). I have a keyboard with the Cntl key where it belongs, to the left of the A key, and I almost never have to reach for the Backspace key (Cntl-H), the Escape key (Cntl-[), etc. Thank goodness Hook allows me to change its hotkey.

Yep. We didn’t initially use ^H, but it was recommended to us and many people like it. The mnemonic value is important for many users as they get to learn Hook. Of course many prefer something different, which is why we allow people to turn that one off, and to use a different shortcut. Life in the world of trade-offs…

It would be good for Hook’s welcome board to enable users to change the keyboard shortcut right then and there, instead of having to go to the Preferences later.

Some additional suggestions, hook in the function of the performance is very good, but from the perspective of interaction there is still a lot of room for improvement, for example, when the user uses the call out hook, but also need additional shortcuts or mouse clicks to copy the link to the clipboard, in my understanding, when the user calls out hook will naturally want to get the appropriate link and then paste it elsewhere, so why not the default will be copied to the clipboard?

thanks for the feedback, @icecity96 , and all.

A global keyboard shortcut can be set for copying links.

because Hook window makes available many functions. Users does not always want to wipe the keyboard, which may have other information. For instance, the user might simply want to Hook to Copied Link and then paste the original link elsewhere.