Hook doesn't seem to work with Firefox Developer Edition

I noticed that Firefox is listed as a supported application in the documentation, but this doesn’t seem to apply to Firefox Developer Edition. Instead of grabbing the page link, Hook links to app itself:

Screen Shot 2020-01-04 at 6.40.34 pm

That will be because FDE has a different bundle id, making it an entirely different Application from the perspective of macOS, despite sharing part of the marketing name string of Firefox.app



An entry could be created for org.mozilla.firefoxdeveloperedition

in Hook > Preferences > Scripts by:

  • clicking the lower left + icon
  • browsing to Firefox Developer Edition.app and clicking Open
  • Creating Name and Address scripts for the new org.mozilla.firefoxdeveloperedition entry.

You could try copying over the Get Name and Get Address scripts from the org.mozilla.firefox entry, but at the very least, you will need to update the Applescripts by replacing any references to application "Firefox" with references to application "Firefox Developer Edition"

and, as they are different applications, additional changes to the Get Address script may well also be required.

Hook @support, or existing users of FDE, may be able to advise.

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thanks @purgatori and @RobTrew. we’ll give it a whirl and add a script for it assuming it works fine. We’ll post our experience either way.

FYI: Hook integration scripts v. 99 adds support for Firefox Developer Edition - Releases - Hook Productivity Forum. Enjoy :slight_smile: