Hook doesn't seem to recognize my Pro license

I bought a Hook Pro license in August 2020 and understand that I should continue to have Pro functionality even though I haven’t paid for continuous software updates. Whenever I restart Hook, I get a message that my license has expired and it gives me the option to revert to Lite mode, visit the “Buy Hook” page, or quit the app. Every time I reactivate the software, I get the message:

A Hook Pro license has been installed on this mac already. Do you want to replace it with this PRO license?

I click “Yes”… and only get Lite mode functionality. How do I get Hook to recognize my license and restore functionality?

Could you please compare the Hook build number and date with the value in the About Hook window (Hook > Gear menu) ? It may be that you’re using a build that was released after the expiration. To get prior builds please visit Release Notes and Prior Builds – Hook.

Ah, that’s it. Sorry, I should have read the release notes from newer versions. :pensive:

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I’m glad that worked. And welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @tacotuesday.

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I don’t think @tacotuesday should be the one apologising, @LucB, maybe don’t auto update after the expiration date? Shouldn’t that be possible so this inconvenience could be avoided? The only reason I found this post is because I’m having the same issue.

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @happycatmachine.

we did build that in a while back, i.e., to not present the update dialog box if Updates license has expired.

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Interesting because it appeared just this morning on my install (and I’m paraphrasing) ‘you have been downgraded to LITE’. Apparently it had installed an update beyond my update period. Must have somehow slipped through.

Strange… Do you recall what version you were running before the update? Hook’s ‘about’ window would give you an idea based on the Updates License expiration date.

Well, my update period expired on 21 July so the latest update I’m eligible for is 3.7.

3.7.1 was installed, however. I have another mac that had (I believe 3.6.1) so that was likely what I had on the mac in question as well though it is my laptop and I don’t use it as frequently as my desktop.

Just to be clear, I’ve never manually downloaded Hook outside of the initial install, I always go through the update process. I also often automatically “Okay” any Hook updates if I get an alert because, well, it’s Hook and I trust you.

I’ll be refreshing my update sub soon so it’s all moot I suppose. It would be nice to know how I managed to get to 3.7.1 on the machine that was out of update time, the choice is grey and the preference to auto-update is unticked and disabled (but I don’t know if that gets automatically unticked when I fall off the update period)

thanks for letting us know. Hook 3.7.1 was built on July 28. I don’t see how Hook could have offered you 3.7.1 but we will have a look; e.g. I’m wondering whether the dialog box showed up suggesting 3.7 and then Hook somehow picked up 3.7.1 which was released by the time you used your Mac… our license dev will have a look

I can’t quite remember but I did update my payment for the updates. Thanks so much for Hook and in particular your book. The book supported my endeavours to pursue a (first) degree at 54 years old. It’s in a field I have no particular interest in but I’m pushing myself so hard that Hook and other tools allow me to free my mind to focus on the growth that comes from it. Best wishes.

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thank you for the kind words and additional info.

Hook 3.2 (several releases) ago and later should releases of Hook should help.
Your Hook version is in the About Hook dialog box, which is in Hook’s gear menu.