Hook disappears when invoked; second time’s the charm

More of a (very minor) nuisance than a show-stopper, but under macOS 11.1 (on a MacBook Air (M1, 2020)), invoking Hook via LaunchBar shows Hook for an instant, then it disappears. Second invocation sticks.

Just me?

In your video you seem to first invoke Hook by double clicking, not LaunchBar.

I use Hook and LaunchBar a lot and can’t reproduce it… I don’t have an immediate idea of why that would happen.

It doesn’t seem to matter how I first invoke it. LaunchBar, double-clicking the app in the Finder (rare; I’m a VERY heavy LaunchBar user), or clicking the menubar icon. Typically, it gives a quick onscreen flash before disappearing — which isn’t apparent in the video I posted — and I have often gotten a different Hook window by clicking the menubar versus invoking Hook using LaunchBar.

I know: that’s vague and un-helpful. I’ll try to collect a better example.

This all on a MacBook Air (M1, 2020) running macOS 11.1, by the way. Not an uncommon setup, I’d imagine. Maybe it’s an interaction with some other 3rd-party utility?