Hook directly from a launcher (Alfred etc.) result?

I would love to be able to copy a hookmark directly from an Alfred result. A little background:

I use Hookmark extensively, but almost exclusively in OmniFocus. I hook actions to the materials that I’ll need to complete them (or vice versa). The biggest friction point for me with Hookmark is that I need to search for the materials, open the Finder folder, copy the link, go back to OF, paste the link, etc. (I have powerful shortcuts going in the other direction, to create an OF item when I’m already at a resource I’ll need later.)

What I’d love is to be able to search for a file or folder with Alfred, select the result, and create the hookmark right there, without having to mess around with Finder. Has anyone got something like that, with Alfred or any other launcher?

We have a workflow that can do the search, not sure it will help.

But currently copy link is not available yet. We will have a look. But if you are familiar with Alfred workflow and AppleScript, you can also make the modification.

Thank you

Thanks for replying!

But no, that’s not actually what I’m looking for, even if you added a copy function. I’ve actually edited my original post, because “copy the hookmark right there” was the wrong phrase. It should have read, “copy the link” or even better, “create the hookmark.”

I’ve since experimented a bit, and as usual Keyboard Maestro more or less provides the functionality I want. I’ve created a macro that, once I’ve selected a result from Alfred:

  • Arrows right
  • Types “reveal” and hits Enter (to reveal the selected item in Finder)
  • Waits until the Finder window appears, then copies a link to the item
  • Closes the Finder window and Cmd-Tabs back to (probably) OmniFocus or whatever app I was using before

It’s a little clunky but works reliably.

I would love it if someone would tweak an Applescript so we could have an Alfred workflow that would get at least to step 3 without Keyboard Maestro!

Hmmm. Now that I think about it, what would be the UI of such a workflow? I guess instead of searching using the Quick File Search shortcut, you would type h <query> or something, and get the usual list of files and folders, and whatever item you selected would get hook-copied?

I had originally been thinking it would be nice to have “Copy Hook” in the list of options you get when arrowing right on the Quick File Search results, but maybe the above would be easier?

Yeah this is easily done using the CLI version, see my earlier comment below.

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This workflow appears to provide a straightforward option to copy the link.

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Excellent, thank you! Of course it’s at ThoughtAsylum—I should have looked there to begin with.

There’s still the minor UI issue I noted above: I think I’d like an affordance to somehow copy a link from the initial result, without having to dive into the file actions. But this is much, much better than my original workflow. And I can still use my KM macro to grab the link with a keyboard shortcut, but now the macro is 3 steps instead of 10.

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