Hook copies a link each time I select a message in Mail

With Hook 3.6, whenever I select a message in Mail I hear the “click” sound of Hook copying a link to that message. I am not invoking Hook to do that.

Have you overridden Hook’s built-in Mail.app script?

I can’t reproduce that one. Anyone else having this issue?

I don’t change Hook’s scripts.

On Mac Forum someone else had a sound issue, not related to Hook. He wrote :

well, I just toggled “Play user interface sound effects” and then I also switched the “Play sound effects through” from Internal Speakers to my Metric Halo and back and the sound is gone!! Dunno why, but I guess it jostled something that was stuck?

i.e., System Preferences > Sound > Sound Effects

Someone there asked:

Are you using any third party apps for your clipboard, such as Copia? I know some of them play sounds when you copy and paste. These can be disabled from within the app.

He replied:

HI, yes, I eventually figured it out—and, yes, you’re right, I had downloaded a new version of iClip that had a c/p swoosh sound as default. Hate that stuff!

Clipboard apps sometimes cause issues.

(Usage tip for newcomers to Hook: I hooked this here forum topic to the Macrumors page](Copy/Cut Whooshing Sound | MacRumors Forums)