Hook cannot get title from Ulysses sheet

I’m using Hook on a new Mac, and it’s not grabbing the title from Ulysses when I invoke it using the ⇧⌘ Space shortcut. Instead, it fills the title in as “title callback.” (screenshot below).

On my old Mac, the same shortcut works as expected, grabbing the title of the currently-selected Ulysses sheet. I have the settings in Hook set the same on both machines.

Any ideas? I have already deleted Hook’s user pref plist file, and the application support folder.

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @mistercharlie , and thanks for asking. Ulysses does not have linking API (per apps page and linkability), so hook uses UI scripting to control it.

So, the macOS language needs to be set to English for this to work. (It can easily be adapted to any other language however. Just replace “File” with whatever the menu item is.)

if this new Mac is slow, then in the Hook > scripts tab > Ulysses entry, you may need to increase the number of this line:
repeat 50 times

Or if your version of Ulysses has a different UI for some reason then the script may not work. This script was qualified with a couple of versions including the Set App version of Ulysses (Version 24.4 (68025)), which I have just tested again on a M1 Max Mac running macOS 12.1 (21C52) and it works.

Another issue could potentially be the macOS version. This was introduced in the summer of 2019 so it should go pretty far back.
So what’s the version of macOS and Ulysses?

I wouldn’t recommend either action, particularly not recommend deleting ~/Library/Application\ Support/com.cogsciapps.hook/. That’s where Hook’s internal data resides.

Hi @LucB , and thanks for the answer.

I’m running Ulysses 24.5, and it’s an M1 Mac. It’s the exact same setup as on my other Mac, which works as expected. The Mac’s language is set to English.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the access token required by ulysses?

I had tested on SetApp, which works. I’ve replicated the issue on the Mac App Store version. Ulysses has the same version number on both (Version 24.5 (68033)) but different build numbers (Version 24.5 (68044) in MAS). Not clear to me why this is not working. However, we will look and figure it out.

Good to know it”s not just me, although odd that it works fine on my M1 Mac mini, but not on a MacBook Pro.

Happy to help with any testing.

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thank you.My tests of both App Store and Setapp versions of Ulysses were on a M1 Max MBP. We’ll try Intel too.

@bchend here , for whom both versions of Ulysses work, mentioned that if you switch between the versions, you need run the following command first in Terminal.app:
defaults delete com.cogsciapps.hook auth_id

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That fixed it! All working now.

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