Hook automatically reopens Disk Images every minutes

I haven’t had the time to get to grips with Hook (although I did buy it straight away). I’m probably responsible for this myself, but I can’t find where I can stop the behaviour:

Hook keeps opening disk images located in ~/Downloads/*/, no matter how often I close them. There is only SW in the DMGs and thus no need for Hook to do anything with them.

Yes, I had this problem too, for a while. Took to putting the images in the trash, and emptying the trash. That stopped them reopening. Been traveling for a while, so don’t know what the current status is. Was using a Ventura beta, fyi.

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Hmm, I’m on Ventura too. But that should not happen, not even in Ventura. :slight_smile: Then I’ll report it as an bug.

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Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @mbrasch . yes, this issue can happen if you run or ran Hook from the DMG. The Hook download is a zip file. So users can delete the .dmg and keep the .zip file if they like.

Hook itself runs from /Applications.

Concrete example: I download the driver for my printer as DMG. Open the DMG and start the PKG inside. After the installation, I close the installer and close the drive mounted by the DMG.

There is no reason here why Hook should open this DMG all the time. I could delete the DMG to have peace and quiet, but that doesn’t change the basic situation. :slight_smile:

Thanks, @mbrasch . The difference is that Hook’s a background app, not a driver. But I agree it’s a problem – and an annoying one.
Update 2022-09-21: My response above was based on me misunderstanding @mbrasch’s comment. I have not encountered the issue @mbrasch mentioned.

You may have misunderstood me? :slight_smile:

Hook.app (and thus its helper app) is located in /Applications.

The DMG in my example has nothing to do with Hook. It is quite simply a printer driver in the form of a macOS installer package (.pkg). So nothing that Hook should automatically be interested in. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the trouble.
I am not able to reproduce the problem. Does it happen to all dmgs files in your Downloads folder? Could you please share the link for the printer driver dmg file?

Also What’s your Hook version?

Thank you

Yes, I misunderstood you, @mbrasch’s. Sorry about that, and thanks for mentioning it. Haven’t see that issue before. I’ve clarified my original response.

Yes. As far as I remember, all DMGs.

Oh, I just testet DMGs on another volume (/Volumes/Shared) and they are reopened after about a minute.

After quitting Hook menu extra, no more DMGs are opened. Direct after restarting Hook, some DMGs are opened. :slight_smile:

macOS Ventura Beta 8, Hook 3.8 (4940; Integration v. 231), Let me know if i can help track down the phenomenon.

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Please uncheck Hook->Preferences->General->Menu Bar Icon->Show current item’s number of hooks in menu bar icon and try to relaunch Hook again. This helps us to isolate the issue.

Hook in its current design can auto remount a DMG if it has any bookmark referencing a file in the DMG. Please type “path:volumes” in Hook’s search field and see if there is any bookmark referencing DMG. A DMG is typically mounted at the path /Volumes/[DMG name]/. If this is the case, we are exploring a solution to address the issue.

Thank you.

Moin bshi,

  • I have unchecked “Hook->Preferences->General->Menu Bar Icon->Show current item’s number of hooks” and restarted Hook. “path:volumes” gives no result.
  • Directly after this, 2 DMGs opened again and since then it seems to remain quiet.
  • Then I opened a DMG in Downloads and at that moment 2 more opened.

If you need any logs or I can run any other tools… (Xcode is installed.)