Hook and Tinderbox - moving notes within Tinderbox

The ability to link a specific individual note in Tinderbox to a PDF file or a web site is a game changer for me. Hook works great as long as I don’t move the note within the Tinderbox file. However, if I do move the note within the file, the Hook link breaks. Looking at the link Hook generates for the Tinderbox note, I notice the link includes the outline path as well as the note URL that Tinderbox uses. By including the outline path, moving a hooked note then becomes broken.

For example, here is the link generated by Hook: (I deleted the path part)
hook://tbx/Tinderbox_5_22/Notes/Misc?view=outline&select=1651872102;?filepath=. . .

Here is the URL that Tinderbox generates for the same note:

I like that when I invoke a hook link from say a PDF file that hook just shows me the relevant outline section in Tinderbox. However, I also move notes around and I don’t like not having the note hooked anymore.

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