Hook and Obsidian

The task Im trying to accomplish is as follows:

  • I would like to hook a heading or sub heading etc to hook in Obsidian
  • In the hook app when I search the Obsidian doc heading and select it takes me to the heading on obsidian

I visited this page Using Hook with Obsidian – Hook and it is taking me long to figure out something as simple as above and it is too confusing to what to pick and choose.

I think documentation should also simplify may be in a table format explaining which option gets what to user. May be not everyone is interested in understanding all the details but make the software work for them?

  • Can some please let me know how do I accomplish above?
  • Also, I could not find any great video or documentation about hook files and what is possible with hook file.

I have Mac Obsidian Version 0.15.9 (installer 0.14.15) and Hook version 3.7 (4861)

Thanks for the help in advance!!!

Please strike the comment about listing info in table as the page does list that. I got confused visiting so many pages in forum.

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum, @coolgoose85 .

None of the integration options specifically deal with Obsidian deep links. The default integration asks Obsidian for a link to the current document. If Obsidian were to return a deep link, Hook would use that. I don’t know enough about Obsidian to tell how to make that happen automatically with their API (which Hook uses). By default, Hook uses Obsidian’s x-callback-url. They have a ( x-callback-url) method to get a URL to the current document. Hook uses that, and hence returns, as noted, whatever URL Obsidian provides.

There are several Obsidian users here, or you might want to ask on the forum, they might have knowledge about Obsidian deep links. Maybe there’s a Obsidian configuration parameter for its x-callback-url to return deep links (?)

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Thanks for the response!!

I do know that obsidian generates some link when I refer/link the sub-heading from one document to another document but not sure if the functionality is not exposed.

So technically within obsidian you can link heading/sub-heading of one doc into another one and if you click it will take to that exact heading/sub-heading.

Not sure these links would help.

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