Hook and Google File Stream

I use Google File Stream to access my files in Google Drive using the Finder.
As far as I tested, a Hook link to this file in the Finder won’t open for someone else (who has access to the file) using Google Drive on a browser. Could this be done by the team behind Hook?

Thanks for asking. “Google File Stream” app is not yet supported by Hook. On Finder, google drive essentially stores bookmarks back to the server. I don’t have an opinion at this point as to whether or not we can support it. (We haven’t spent much time on that one.)

I just subscribed Hook. I really love it. If Hook supports Google Drive on Finder will make it even better. I wish we could add this feature and I’ll certainly love it more.

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I am experiencing an issue with Folders specifically that are in Google Drive (mounted in finder via the Google Drive desktop app).

I can create a link via Hook, but the link seems to find a different folder with the same name on the mac. Sometimes in iCloud drive or a Final Cut Pro backup in the Movies folder.

Importantly, I can link to a File that is mounted in Finder via Google Drive without issue.

Real-time follow-up- If the folder I am linking to has a unique name, the link works as expected. It is only when there is another identically named folder that Hookmark performs unexpectedly.

Upgrading to v 5.0 seems to have fixed this issue for me.

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Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , @burke57. Thank you for sharing your experience, and sorry for the delay in responding. Google Drive can do fancy/unpredictable things on the file system. We ourselves tried it here and moved away from it (not strictly related to Hookmark), i.e., from its local caching of files. If a file disappears then when you click on a link that was destined to that file, Hookmark can potentially resolve it to a different file with the same name. That is a “heuristic” element we refer to, which allows these links to work if you unmount a repository of a version control system and remount it elsewhere, or do the same kind of thing with folders in Dropbox or other cloud shares that are link friendly. If there are multiple instances you may get a notification of this. Using unique names, as you noticed, can solve this kind of issue.