Hook and Chrome Apps (Workflowy)

Hi, I’m new to Hook. I’ve already discovered some interesting uses. Unfortunately, one place where I’m running into some friction involves my use of Workflowy. I understand that the native Workflowy app doesn’t yet have the sort of API that allows for easy Hook links.

However, every single page on Workflowy has a URL. If I use Workflowy in Safari or Chrome, Hook can find the link (I assume because it’s just pulling the url as it would from any website opened with Safari/Chrome).

Where I run into problems again is that for multiple reasons I prefer not to use Workflowy in a normal browser tab. Chrome has a function where you can taking a website and turn it into a standalone app (in other words, I open that application and it’s Workflowy in Chrome with all of the extensions, etc.). The problem is that the Chrome app doesn’t display the URL, and Hook doesn’t seem to be able to access it. See example in screenshot where it displays the name of the page I opened to “Test Example” instead of the workflowy.com URL.

I might be able to copy the link of that current Workflowy page in a convoluted way using Keyboard Maestro or something, but it feels like at best that would allow me to copy the link to the clipboard and paste it somewhere else. The next time I was back on that same Workflowy page, I wouldn’t be able to pull up all Hooks.

Is there a way around this that I’m not aware of? Or if I want to use Hook bidirectionally with Workflowy, are we only options to either use it in a standard browser tab or wait until Workflowy builds an API?

Hopefully my question makes sense. Thanks for any thoughts.

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Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @bear_f and thanks for asking. Sorry for such a long delay. I just noticed this post.

I heard from Workflowy that their API isn’t designed for linking and their API currently is not official, and it’s not supported.

So, although there’s a way to get the URL in principle, the caveat above applies. It would be possible for Hook to provide a linking function with what’s available (subject to the caveat) ; but users would need to supply the title. We could provide a dialog box and some code for that, on an experimental basis.

Hi, thanks for the response. Yes, I wish Workflowy offered an official API (and hopefully they will at some point). I’d be open to any experimental linking (though I’m not experienced with code, so I suppose it depends on expertise level), but certainly understand that that type of idea if probably pretty low priority for you.


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