Hook 5 Beta adds some weird file name in Alfred?

Hi, I downloaded/updated/installed the beta yesterday, build 5266. I tried to invoke an Alfred 5 action today, approx. 15 of the actions did not show up, only 8 remained, see screenshot. The screenshot shows a weird filename, in that a hook link appears as part of it. I assume Alfred only shows me the actiuons it deems available for that kind of filename?

This affects any file or folder I invoke Alfred on, including those I have never used Hookmark with.

Mac OS 12.2.1 on a Mac M1 Pro.

P.S. The issue persists if I run a oprevious version of Hook. It disappears if I quit Hook.

Sorry for the trouble. I haven’t been able to reproduce the problem.

Is the link the same as of the Hookmark markdown selected file? Could you please give us the exact steps so we can reproduce this problem? I found if I invoke Alfred universal actions on a selected file, it shows all actions on that file, not Text Action on the file name.

Thank you

Yes, it is the exact same link as when I copy Markdown. So if I uncheck the Copy Markdown Link box, the issue disappears. Hm…

Is “Copy Markdown Link” a custom action?

good question, but I looked and it is not.

It is a default action?

No. I went through everything in Alfred including the workflows, and there is no Copy Markdown anywhere. Thanks!

Could you be more specific about this box? Is this box in Hookmark? A screenshot please, if possible.

Thank you

yes, the one in Hookmark.

I can see the similar result if the shortcut for Alfred’s universal action is the same as Hookmark’s global “Copy Markdown Link” shortcut. But I am not sure it is the case on your machine. If set them differently, then the problem goes away.

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