Hook 3.7 released (4861, 225). Better search and context window usability. Eagle image organizer, Twitter and The Brain integration

We have officially released Hook Version 3.7 (4861; Integration v. 225).

This release improves the interactions with Hook’s context window which, we believe, translate into major usability improvements for most users. The Hook window will remain open after you hook items together or delete links. There’s also a change to the General preference controlling when the Hook window is closed.

There are also improvements to Hook’s search.

There are several bug fixes. Compared to Hook 3.6.1, Hook now works with Eagle image organizer and Twitter apps. It works better with TheBrain (TheBrain.com). You might have received these integration updates previously via Hook’s in-app integration client.

The Golden Master will contain more enhancements (and we might have another 3.7 public beta).

See Hook 3.7 Release Notes, which also has a link to the direct download.


Quite a few of the changes in this build were prompted by Hook users. Thank you to everyone for feedback on Hook.

Looking forward

Stay tuned for news about Hook 3.8 :blush: , which is under way.