Hook 3.7 Public beta available. Hook context window changes and more

Hook Version 3.7 (4851) public BETA 1 is now available.

This release tweaks the interactions with Hook’s context window which, we believe, translate into major UX improvements. The Hook window will remain open after hooking items together or deleting links. There’s also a change to the General preference controlling when the Hook window is closed.

There are also improvements to Hook’s search.

And there are several bug fixes.

The Golden Master will contain more enhancements (and we might have another 3.7 public beta).

See Hook 3.7 Release Notes, which also has a link to the direct download.


Quite a few of the changes in this build were prompted by Hook users. Thank you to everyone for feedback on Hook.

For an unknown reason, nothing happens when I launch this app’s version.

Thanks, @danieljomphe . What version of macOS? We’ve removed the link to the download until we figure out the issue.

Adding to this, no linkable items in any app since I updated. Monterey 12.4

Thanks, we have replicated the crash. We’ve left the Hook 3.7 Beta release notes up, but the Hook 3.7 Beta DMG is no longer available for download until we get to it. It being the week-end , not clear whether it will get fixed before Monday.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks again for the feedback on this beta.

Oh, and welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @Sebastian !

Thank you @LucB!! Btw I reverted to the last stable release of hook and now it doesn’t find linkable items anywhere, safari, finder, obsidian, nothing.

Best to revert from backup: How to Backup and Restore Hook Data – Hook.

We’ve replicated the 3.7 beta 1 crash; but haven’t replicated No linkable item found in ... after reverting.

Thanks a bunch! It works now

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As for me, BigSur 11.6.7.

I’m successfully back to 3.6.1. Didn’t use the backup-restore strategy either.

Does it often happen to you that a beta build corrupts your data, BTW? I might start backing up before trying out more beta builds. :slight_smile:

Cheers on the repro; good fixing it!

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Thank you, @danieljomphe

I don’t recall it ever happening.

we recommend that for anyone installing a beta, regardless of what specific changes are involved in the beta; i.e. it’s not that we think anything can or will go wrong; it’s just standard operating procedures for any beta software.

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Hook 3.7 beta 2 is available. Closing this topic in favor of Hook 3.7 Public beta 2 available. Hook context window changes and more - Releases - Hook Productivity Forum