Hook 3.2 public beta coming soon

If I were a betting man, I’d say a Hook 3.2 public beta is coming this week-end. In fact, we came close to releasing it today.

So, a bit of a teaser in case you’re wondering why I’ve been a bit quiet here lately.

Two of the upcoming integrations are Instapaper as a bookmarking service, and GoodLinks. Instapaper integration will be on the same plane as Pinboard.

We had built in integration to GoodLinks on the same plane as Instapaper (i.e., treating it as a service even though it’s an app; i.e., adding Hook bookmarks would add GoodLinks bookmarks); but we ran into a limitation and decided to pull this ‘service’ at the last minute —this evening actually. But you will be able to invoke Hook on GoodLinks via the integration scripts, so the regular integration is there; and that is quite helpful. It will show you the same links as if you were looking at the web page in a web browser, even though it’s locally cached. That’s cool.

We will also be introducing iCloud sync. That’s why we’re doing a public beta this time.

There will also be several new features that have been requested on this forum, plus other improvements, and fixes.

Meanwhile, I wish to emphasize that we here at CogSci Apps are very grateful, as always, for all the community input. I hope everyone’s been enjoying the summer or winter as the case may be. (Here in BC there are many fires. The smoke however is not currently in Metro-Vancouver, where I am writing this. Knock on remaining wood).


Do you see a fix for the GoodLinks integration soon? It’s my URL manager of choice. Pins seems so primitive in comparison.

We’ve been in helpful discussions with the GoodLinks developer for a different API to add bookmarks to GoodLinks without causing GoodLinks to come to the foreground. No ETA yet but timing seems quite hopeful. (We’ve been aware of the issue from the beginning but in earlier internal testing the little blip of GoodLinks coming to foreground seemed tolerable, but we noticed it could cause the Hook window to disappear, so best to wait for the API that adds bookmarks to GoodLinks without involving the GoodLinks UI.)

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