Hook 3.2.1 still creating old sync folder?

I’m using Hook 3.2.1. Prior to 3.2, I was using an iCloud Drive folder for sync, and everthing was fine. With 3.2, as I understand it, you can instead use “direct” iCloud sync which doesn’t involve a folder. So, I switched to that on both my machines and left myself a note to delete the old iCloud Drive folder after a month.

A month later, I removed the iCloud Drive “Hook Sync” folder after checking that none of the files in there had recent dates. Everything still seems to work.

However… Hook still seems to re-create that directory, even though it now knows I am not using it. Is this behaviour intended? I’d kind of like to not have that folder any more, now that it isn’t doing anything.

thanks for reporting. I’ve logged an issue for this.

Hook use case: I’ve also used Copy Link on this topic, and Hook to Copied Link on the internal issue page so I can instantly navigate between them.