Hook 3.2.1 image keeps opening [prior title was "keep downloading Hook beta 3.2"]

I installed 3.2 beta a while ago then I installed 3.2.1 stable.
Now every few day hook ask me for downloading 3.2 beta and download Hook 3.2 productivity app BETA to my desktop.

Strange. That should not be happening. For one thing, Hook 3.2 beta was/is not on Microsoft App Center, which is from where Hook’s software updates can access builds. Hook 3.2 beta was only on the https://hookproductivity.com website.

There was a 3.1 beta build, which we’ve disabled.

Could you please send us, via a PM (“message to support” button above),

  1. a screenshot of your about window. (Using PM rather than public forum is important because that window contains your registered credentials).
  2. a screenshot of the Updates tab
  3. a screenshot of whatever popup window you’re seeing.

That will help us get to the bottom of the issue.

Thank you,

Done! The windows asking for downloading beta appears usually after restarting Hook.

thanks. I’ve responded to the PM. For the sake of the other readers I will mention that Hook is not downloading the image, it is re-opening it. Deleting the beta image (".dmg" file) solves the problem. (One can compress it first if one wants to keep it for whatever reason, but it was a beta, not meant for long keeping.)

The problem can happen after a user launches Hook from a disk image (".dmg" file), rather than from the regular drive. Hook has code to prevent the disk image issue; but this shows it can still happen. (We have notices here and there suggesting not launching Hook from the DMG).

Hook will soon be a foreground app, which will hopefully make the remnants of this issue disappear.

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Thanks! I was launching Hook from Application folder after reinstalling from stable dmg, but indeed removing Beta Image stopped that behaviour.

(Maybe the Spotlight was giving me wrong file anyway but now everything works:P)

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i’ve renamed the post slightly to help people who come across this issue later. In our experience, and from what we’ve read, the issue can only happen if the user has once launched the app from the DMG. So that would be my bet, as it’s easy to forget, but we’ll certainly keep an eye out for similar reports.

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Yes, it happened by mistake, but only once and then I was launching from apps folder (or at least I was thinking that I was launching from there :slight_smile: )

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