Hook 3.1 (4331) is now available (with software Integration v. 168)

Hook 3.1 (4331) is now available for download! It tweaks last week’s Hook 3.0 release.

Full release notes are available online.

Reminder that Hook 3.0+ supports Hook to New… > folder. This command replicates the chosen template folder and “hooks it” to the current context, sensibly naming the new folder and its files based on the context. Tip: Hold down the option (⌥) key to see Hook to New... As (or use the keyboard shortcut); this lets you choose where to store the replicated file or folder, and how to name it.


Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on Hook 3.0, and who helped spread the word about it.


With Hook, you can share links to emails and to shared files. Others can use these shared links for free in Hook Lite mode.

Please share the word about Hook with your colleagues, staff, students, etc. They will love :heart: you for it.


Thanks for pointing out using the option key – I hadn’t spotted that and was wondering how I could choose location rather than creating the folder then moving it. It’s a fantastic new feature.