Hook 3.0 includes `Hook to New` Craft

Hook 3.0 includes an update for Hook to New > Craft. It also includes updated possibilities for x-callback-url with Hook.

I.e., a developer does not need to support AppleScript in order to make their app linkable.

Developers and automators can have a look at our Craft integration scripts as an example. Drafts is another good example of Hook using x-callback-url to integrate with apps. There are others.

Hi! I just discover Hook and I’m using the trial. Also I use Craft for everything but my iMac it’s running a Catalina macos, and I don’t to upgrade because it’s late 2013. I just want to know if Hook is working on this integration with older version, if it’s not I think I can’t no longer use Hook, or maybe there is any alternative for using in a different way.


Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @marieva_cunha . And thanks for asking.

This particular integration requires Big Sur. However, you can still use Hook to gather and paste links in Craft. You can use Craft to get links to its document, and then on the other side you can use Hook to Copied Link, which will create a ‘hook’ that you can get from the other side. When you upgrade at some point in the future, you’ll have access to that link. Also, you can find the link using Hook’s search tool, and access all the Craft’s document’s hooks from there.

Details: Using Hook with the Craft Mac Writing App – Hook.