Hook 2.1 (3872) is now available

Hook 2.1 (3872) is now available as an in-app update and from Hook’s download page.

Other changes

  • NEW. Hook’s Welcome Board has been updated.

  • NEW. Preferences > Scripts tab > Open Item tab: Clarified the instructions (the scheme identifies with which ‘Open Item’ script Hook should open the URL.) Also some related changes under the hood.

  • NEW. About menu acknowledges Alexander Käßner who created the new Hook app icon.

  • FIXED an issue that could prevent a user’s integration scripts from updating.

  • FIXED an issue that prevented .hook files from working if they contained a hook://search/ link.

For more information about this update

Full release notes are available on the Hook Productivity website: Hook 2.1 Release Notes


The download page linked above seems to still be at 2.0.3, and the in-app update fails repeatedly for me.

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That’s strange. It’s showing up with in-app updates and has the usual meta data on Microsoft App Center. I’ve changed the link on the Download – Hook page to point to a zip of the DMG on the Hook site rather than Microsoft App Center.

That did the trick for me. Thanks much

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