Hook 1.0-public beta build 2321 is now available

This build solves an issue that one would only experience if one tried to launch Hook while macOS language was not English.

2019-05-06 Version 1.0-beta (2321).


  • Fixed an issue that could cause Hook to fail to launch when the macOS preferred language setting was not English (Issue 3210).


Merci à tous les utilisateurs qui ont signalé ce problème. Vielen Dank an alle, die dieses Problem gemeldet haben.

Dear Luc,
I’m using French; this version doesn’t solve the problem for me: I cannot open Hook yet, double-click on the icon doesn’t work.

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Sorry for the added confusion.

For some reason, the download link on https://hookproductivity.com/download , which is https://dl.devmate.com/com.cogsciapps.hook/Hook.dmg, is not pointing to the latest build (build 2321).

Here is a direct download link for build 2321. Please use the latter link for what is currently the latest build (build 2321). That download URL will be irrelevant after we update Hook again , which we expect to do within the next 24 hours.

Users whose macOS is configured for English may ignore build 2321.

I have also temporarily updated the Download – Hook page to point to the 2321 build. One may need to refresh that web page for the browser to get the updated web link.


Hook builds are (currently) stored on DevMate. DevMate handles crash reports and basic analytics. Normally, the latest build of Hook is available from https://dl.devmate.com/com.cogsciapps.hook/Hook.dmg . We expect that the latter link will continue to work after we update a new build of Hook.

After this issue is resolved, please ignore the devmate links and always get Hook from https://hookproductivity.com/download or from Hook’s in-app update mechanism. Within the next 7 months Hook builds will be stored elsewhere, but that should be considered an implementation detail.

dear Luc,
Downloaded the 2321 build, which works properly again.

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