Hook 1.0-public beta build 2002 is now available (2019-02-11)

Announcing a new version of Hook beta: Version 1.0-beta (1999) built 2019-02-11

Available from Download – Hook.

2019-02-11 (Version 1.0-beta (2002) built 2019-02-11)

This build should be identical to previous one (1999) except for version changes. We’ve built this new package to deal with a meta-data problem associated with the upload of build 1999 onto the distribution server (DevMate) – it included invalid “delta” file (our bad), which temporarily affected in-app updates. The previous build was only on DevMate for a few hours so most users will never have seen it. (It worked but it prevented prior builds from auto-updating).

Previous (pulled) build:

2019-02-11 (Version 1.0-beta (1999) built 2019-02-11)


ID Comp Summary
3084 Integrat Bookend integration bug
2809 InputW: Do not draw a grey line above or below the selected menu item
3088 Default Devmate crash report


ID Comp Summary
2948 InputW: Additional shortcut for “Link to Copied Address”

FYI, Hook’s built-in updater worked with this version. :grinning: