Hook 1.0-public beta build 1971 is available

Release notes

Please be sure to copy Hook to your local storage (usually /Applications) and run it from there, rather than from the disk image.


2534 Integrat Support TaskPaper
2134 Integrat Support Fantastical 2
1816 Integrat Support Opera Browser for mac


ID Comp Summary
3054 InputW: CRASH: “Create Hook link” in unsaved windows (Mail, and preview) reliably causes crash. Also in saved Mail drafts
3032 InputW: Input Window is blank if the file name contains “;”
3061 InputW: Hole in check for duplicates in Hook window itself
3022 CM and A Update / finalize the Hook distribution DMG. Put under revision control (SVN)
3001 Hook Fil turned Reveal file in finder “on”. but clicking on Hook file did not respect it