Holiday Support

Whereas we at CogSci Apps Corp. were pretty responsive up to Xmas day, our participation in the forum during the “holiday” period since then is less than usual. On top of some of us here taking a bit of time off, I’ve been doing my first clean install of my production macOS system (i.e., manual migration of settings etc.) in over 10 years, this time to Big Sur. I normally relied on Carbon Copy Cloner , Migration Assistant etc. (Apparently I am something of a ‘power user’ with many apps, many of which I have finely tuned settings-wise :blush: ).

(My director at Abatis Systems Corp. c. 1999 (a nice guy, quite competent, but not into software productivity) observed my usage of UNIX and told me not to use special configs’ (like .cshrc files) in case I should need to go to a customer site – he didn’t want me to dependent on my custom settings that their UNIX stations would not have. I took his request as (ridiculous) advice. I never went to a customer site for that company, and never regretted customization. (There I was part of a small band of software productivity enthusiasts). I was the first employee of Abatis, which was acquired within c. 28 months in what was then the biggest acquisition of a privately held Canadian corporation. That enabled me to spend the rest of my career focusing on what my manager disliked, which I then re-problematized as cognitive productivity. The fact remains that there is a price to pay for customization. Computing, like life, is all about trade-offs and optimization – impossible to maximize every single desirable dimension. But I digresss… I still have quite a bit of configs to re-establish.

If you need quicker responses, please message our support group.

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