Help with shortcuts and finder / Hazel

I’m running Hazel app from Noodlesoft so when a new folder is created somewhere, it automatically add a new task via an apple script. I’m trying to add one Hazel rule to run also a macOS shortcut which would create an apple note and my goal would be Hookmark all of these, link to finder folder, link to note, and link to Omnifocus project.

I almost succeed unfortunately I don’t understand why, the link to the finder goes to somewhere else => /Users/username/Library/Group Containers/
where “wahoo” is the name of the folder but it doesn’t link to the original one.

Here is my shortcut:

Maybe I should try with apple script? I thought it would be easier to create and find the apple note. I’m not really a programmer as you may have understood :slight_smile: DIY kind of guy

Thanks for your help!

I think I found the issue, it is coming from what hazel is sending to the shortcut because if I launch the shortcut from the folder selection in finder it seems to work. Any idea would be welcome anyway…