Help on nearly-complete iOS/macOS links for

The ability to create hyperlinks between notes in the, alone, was worth the price of a pro license. I’m a new customer.

Of course, I am an iOS user as well as a Mac user and I would prefer my notes links to work on both platforms.

This blog post contains a confirmed working strategy for creating and following hyperlinks between notes in the within and across the iOS and macOS platforms. The key part is a helper script that interprets the shortcuts:// on the Mac:

…Except it doesn’t work on Catalina, which I am on.

In summary, the unique identifier becomes the number of seconds between the Note’s create date and Jan 1, 1970 00:00.

It seems that a slight tweak Hook’s Get Name / Address script for notes would begin to solve my issue, some of the way.

How can I calculate the number of seconds between the “creation date of note id noteID” and Jan 1, 1970 00:00?

Still no answer from Apple re our bug report.

We saw that post and interacted with the author recently. Its author also still has issues with Catalina Notes ’ AppleScript (actually he says he’s found the behavior of AppleScript in it to be worse than what we’ve found).

Still, we’ve talked internally about changing Hook’s scheme for notes to make use of date/time.

First we will have a look at Notes in macOS 11 for clues about the direction.

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Now that macOS 11 Big Sur is out, please take up this issue and find a way to link notes in, together.

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