Hazel & Shortcuts Workflow

I am trying to create a workflow that:

  • When a file has a keyword in the name (Hazel trigger)
  • Hazel runs an Apple Shortcut
  • Apple shortcut uses file from hazel as input
  • Generates a link to item (via Apple Shortcuts - part I am confused on)
  • Link saved in Things (via Apple Shortcuts)

I read the documentation on Apple Shortcut support in Hookmark; honestly, it was very confusing. I expected to see an action that generated a link based off a filed based input. Is this possible?


Any help on this please?

Welcome to Hookmark forum, @gianthobbit .

Sorry Hazel is currently not linkable due to lack of API to get the selected file URL.

We have contacted the developer of Hazel. He will consider this.

Thank you