Having Hookmark running creates bookmarks in Microsoft Word when copying and highlighting text


I’ve had a really annoying bug in Microsoft Word recently (see image), and I think I finally figured out the problem.

Whenever I highlight or copy text in Word, it will randomly create bookmarks in my Word document. These are distracting while working, and I have to manually delete them all before I can collaborate on the document with others.

After systematically testing things based on a response in a Word forum, I’ve found that Hookmark is likely the source of this issue. When Hookmark is running, I have the problems in Word. If I quit Hookmark, the problems go away.

Is there anything I can do to be able to continue using both Hookmark and Word without this issue?

Thank you!!

MacOS 13.4.1, M1 Pro
Hookmark v5.1.3

thanks for reporting this. we have a fix for this in house. It might be available in Hookmark 6 beta.; I’ll have a look.

Thank you! I appreciate your quick response!

Sorry about this issue, @jtb .

If you install Hookmark 6 beta, Could you please also update the script to the latest one(version 287) ?

Thank you

Hi @bchend, sorry that I didn’t see this until now. This is what I’m currently running. I have been quitting Hookmark before using Microsoft Word, so I’m not completely sure if the new version/scripts has fixed the problem. I will stop quitting Hookmark and see if the problem persists. If it does, I will reply to this discussion. Thank you!

Thank you for the update, @jtb .