Has anyone used Hook successfully with ClickUp?

My team is expanding to include ClickUp in our tech stack in addition to Notion. I paused on my use of Notion as this wasn’t functional yet, but I’m curious if anyone has had success with ClickUp. Before I purchase Hook, I’d like to get this confirmed. Thank you!

Hey Monica,

I’m just trying it and for now Hook links are opening in chrome. I’m still trying to figure out how to make it work. I’ll keep you updated.

From a BASB mentor (It’s a small world :wink:)

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It would be a huge benefit if the links would work in ClickUp.
For me it does not work with any browser

I figured out a workaround! :star_struck:

You need to have a custom field in the task (website) then you can insert the link.
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Thx for sharing the workaround.
It is however limited:

  • opening the link only works in CU webbrowser, not in CU Mac app
  • only one hook link per “Task”

So CU Task Description cannot be used as “hub” for the Task
The “hub” has to created outside CU and link a.o. to the CU Tasks

as a temporary work around, in cases where you can paste into a custom field in the task , you may be able to later copy the URL and paste it in Spotlight to get to the destination.

Also, to see what is hooked to that link without opening the link you can use Focus on Link in Clipboard – Hook. That will show you the bidirectional links.

Not ideal.