Graceful degradation when accessibility permissions are denied — using Hookmark with some apps disallowed?

So, when I see something like this, I get a little wary:

I don’t mind, in general, the leaning on accessibility features that’s necessary to make something like Hookmark work; but for my personal threat-model, my password-manager is a bit of a bridge too far! :sweat_smile:

So: How well does Hookmark work when the permissions are partially missing? Has anybody used it this way? (i.e. if a specific application is denied, like this)

(Ideally, an answer to the above question belongs in the Accessibility and Automation Permissions FAQ entry.)

Particular questions:

  1. Can I still open Hookmarks into an app while the accessibility-permissions for that app are denied? (I’d hope so; presumably Hookmark is delegating to 1Password’s url-schemes?)
  2. and can I manually create a Hookmark, without relying on the accessibility features, even if it’s annoying to do so? i.e. if I want to link to a 1password entry from Notion, without giving the app accessibility-access to my password-manager?
  3. Finally, can I later give permissions for an app that I’ve currently denied access to? If so, how?

Welcome to Hookmark forum, @ELLIOTTCABLE .

Yes. Here is a command that can be running in Terminal for resetting Reminders accessibility-permissions for Hookmark:
sudo tccutil reset Reminders com.cogsciapps.hook

Thank you