Git client to keep an eye on: Git Tower

I have been looking at various git clients to see if any of them will work with Hook. I was unsuccessful to find anything that would let me link to individual commits. The closest I have come to something to keep an eye on is Tower. They do have one URL scheme (not powerful enough to date), which tempted me to contact support. Here is what I got back:

At the moment the URL scheme is indeed limited to opening repositories.However, providing deep linking to individual commits and scripting support is quite high on our priority list. I’m unable to give you an ETA as of now, but this is something that will very likely come in a future version of Tower.

I thought that answer was promising enough to pass it along.

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It should be possible to make Hook work with any git client as long as there’s a way to open or get the repository folder.

  1. Find repo folder
  2. Get current commit hash using git not specific client.
  3. Encode in a custom URL scheme

Then Hook would do the reverse to check out the encoded commit, and switch to the specific client which should update automatically.

I don’t think we are talking about the same thing. I don’t want to check anything out, and I don’t necessarily want to link to the current commit. I want a link to a single commit in the commit history. At the moment I copy the hash and store that in my notes. When, I later on, want to see which commit that refers to, I can search for the hash in my git client. What I want to replace is the copy/paste/search for the hash and have a link in my notes that, when clicked, opens the git client and selects the specific commit.

Ah, I see. That sounds a lot more client dependent. It’s a common thing to link commits to issues so there may be a way.