Gift Purchase Option

One thing that would be useful would be to have an easy way to mark a purchase as a gift and to designate the email address of the gift at purchase, perhaps with a CC email to the purchaser so you have a record that the transaction went through. Unfortunately, this is not easily implemented in many modern software purchase portals. Some companies understand this, and some do not.

I will occasionally purchase a second copy of something I like for a friend who has been struggling financially. Sometimes, it really is better to give than to receive. When I was a disaster property inspector after a US disaster named Katrina, I was in 23 homes a day. I did 500 inspections over four months time and I dealt with a great deal of suffering, as you can imagine. Over and over again I saw how people that took the time to help their neighbors back up on to their feet seemed to adjust better to the tragedy than those who preyed on their neighbors. And yes, I saw both, too many times. What about providing a method for gifting along the lines of a “pay it forward” idea? Providing a gift purchase option is just one small way of funding kindness.

Just a thought.

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Thanks, @levelbest. I had assumed the Paddle portal already supported this, but I see that we need to do additional work for it, per How to implement gifting in your checkout. We will do that.

I too often gift e-products (software like 1password, and books).

We’ll do this.

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