Get ready for another major discontinuity: Hook 1.3

On the CogSci Apps blog almost a year ago, we announced a major discontinuity in macOS-based computing:

In January 2019, You Will Find Out Why 2019 Will Not Be Like the Years Before

On schedule, in January 2019, which was 35 years after Apple’s release of the Macintosh computer, we unveiled Hook productivity in public beta.

After a successful beta with much valued input from members of this forum, In July we were able to take Hook out of beta, into the official 1.0. Hook is currently at version 1.2.2.

Our business model is agile. We don’t wait for arbitrary “2.0”, “3.0” etc. milestones to release major upgrades.

The proof is that this week, we will release a major update to the macOS app that links your digital life: Hook 1.3.